Tips For Investing In Colored Ceiling

Invest in contrast

There are no rules for investing in the colored ceiling. However, be careful not to create a very dark and overloaded color environment. Also, beware of the furniture that will be used to compose the situation. Everything needs to be in harmony. A good tip is to contrast neutral colors and pastels with darker colors.

Choose the right ink

Although some opt for wallpapers and fabrics to create the colored ceiling, we suggest modifying it with the good old paint. The durability is, and you can do it yourself! Even so, you know how to prepare the wall for that? We also have a blog article with this tip.

Whatever colors you choose, we can help you! We are an ink shop with several units scattered throughout the area. We collaborate only with the best brands such as Suinil, Coral, and Sherwin Williams, and we make available among our products all the necessary ones for you to create an incredible colored ceiling. Contact us right now and find the paint house closest to you.