Why Residents Love Their Personal Newcastle Storage Facility

It is clear that clients who utilise a Newcastle storage facility find the process beneficial for them and their family members.

These locations enable homeowners to shift their items seamlessly, opening up more space and more potential for a happy home.

Whether they are to shift clutter off site, freeing up space for a development, used for a third party selling location, to store seasonal goods or leveraged during an emergency, the storage unit is there for them.

Having taking stock of what customers love about these facilities, we will delve into the rationale behind their appeal and outline why constituents across the Hunter love them so much.


Selecting Their Own Size & Profile

The flexibility and versatility that is showcased with a Newcastle storage facility makes for an appealing prospect. These items are designed according to cubic metres, giving constituents the chance to upgrade or downgrade their selection at their own discretion. The smallest units are available on a 5 x 5 basis, giving users the chance to keep some antiques, memorabilia and documents. This will scale upwards to the 10 x 10 cubic metre range and the 10 x 30 for clients that require space for vehicles, large collections of furniture and other sizable valuables. No customer will be left short or paying for space that they don’t have to, offering that flexibility that can be lacking for other homeowner needs.


Freeing Up Clutter Space

One of the great joys of having personal access to a Newcastle storage facility is freeing up the needless clutter that accumulates within a household. Especially for residents that are living with small children and pets, it is always a great option to store products off site without having to discard them. In many cases there will be objects that are shifted away to the attic, deep down in the closet space or under the bed, becoming a haven for bugs and dust that makes for an unwelcomed challenge.


woman standing next to storage unitsFreedom of Access

The good news for local clients who have hired or purchased their very own Newcastle storage facility is that they can access the site 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week. That is helpful for participants who are moving home or dealing with an emergency where a 9am-5pm weekday window is simply not sufficient to deal with their circumstances. This policy might not be open to all clients and could carry a surcharge, but that available option will be helpful for men and women who require that extra provision when regular working hours do not suffice.


Longer Product Lifespan

When our personal possessions are stored in exposed and dirty conditions, their value will quickly diminish. Even for those antiques that can accumulate a fair degree of dust, there is always a better solution at hand. This is where a Newcastle storage facility becomes a major asset and attractive proposition for homeowners, storing items in a safe and secure position without that exposure to dust, termites and spider webs.


No Heavy Lifting Required

It is not only the physical space that is beneficial when leveraging a Newcastle storage facility, but the manual labour hire that is regularly included as part of the service. Representatives will be able to maneuver items from the vehicle into the loading zone, ensuring that no customer has to experience an injury while taking their stock from one position to the next. These operators are also covered for insurance, so there is no need to get bogged down in the physical work that has to be carried out when using a Newcastle storage facility.